Yes, you can print business cards with your logo using the HD print files provided in the "Print" folder of your logo pack. We strongly recommend that you purchase the Vector option which provides vector SVG & PDF files of your logo for premium quality printing.
Look at the logo's from Nike or the logo from Apple; Mostly one color simple and free strokes with solid graphic files. A logo or brand image is good as the company it represents. Simply put.. Sometimes the simpler the better!!
Simply put this is one of our watermarks that can be DELETED once you open PriceLogos Logo Maker. (The QR code points to our website.)
Look at General Electric.. The Generic GE logo identified the BRAND. It does not take ROCKET SCIENCE to build a brand.. just creativity that sticks. We are a USA Design Firm that Specializes in Branding.. We are with you every step of the way. How many times will the General Electric Logo be used and at what cost.. that is why it is so important to create unique branding.
A Custom Designed Logo can absolutely be done.. We ask that you use the CONTACT US link on the bottom of our website Our rates vary on Project Scope.. As well as specific needs. We have designed 1,000 of custom logo's for our clients.
Our high Technology Software is verified by an actual person. Before your LOGO is sent out we already have a team working on perfecting it. Usually within 24 hours.
Yes.. It is yours.. Enjoy.. Each logo in our system has 100,000 ways to Edit each individual logo hence an exact replica is very rare...